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Discover our wide range of courses!

Our experienced instructors appeal to all fitness and experience levels, making classes fun and lively.

ABS & Stretch

With targeted exercises, the various abdominal muscles are trained to strengthen and define your body's core. In the subsequent stretch and mobilization part, we then release tension and blockages with relaxed "flows" and help your body regain more flexibility and better regeneration.

Atletic Yoga

Helps you to breathe consciously, relax and activate your muscles in a targeted and athletic way. Your body is stimulated with dynamics and your cardiovascular system is boosted.


BODYBALANCE® is inspired by yoga and is a benefit for body, mind and soul. This class is suitable for everyone. A sequence of simple stretches, movements and poses from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to flowing music. Controlled breathing is an important component.


By Les Mills is a full-body workout with martial arts elements and energetic movements: A workout inspired by martial arts in which your body is completely challenged.


BODYPUMP® is suitable for anyone who wants to become slim, defined and fit - and in the shortest possible time. An intensive workout whose central object is the barbell bar. To perfectly tuned music, you can feel and interpret every movement of your body.

Core Xpress

A short, crisp abdominal and back workout. 30 minutes of power with various exercises have it in themselves and promise high effectiveness.


Cycling (or spinning) is the optimal workout for all cycling enthusiasts, provides effective cardiovascular training and is great figure management.

Cycle Experience

Based on the cycling principle a newly developed concept that combines strength training and cycling.


Dancing and movement for the good feeling. A mix of different dance styles and easy choreographies to rousing music invigorate the well-being and release happiness hormones.

Fascia training

Offers you a sport training method for the targeted promotion of the muscular connective tissue, the fasciae. These are detaped during the course to tighten the connective tissue and promote muscle regeneration after exercise. Training with the fascia roller activates the fasciae and promotes their supply with nutrients.

Fat burner

The Fatburner Workout is a cardiovascular workout and the condition is improved. Simple step combinations are combined and individual steps are put together to form easy choreographies. These classes are particularly effective for burning the body's own fat.

Functional Training

A highly effective method to achieve fitness goals faster and more effectively. It involves exercising the body according to its function and taking into account the anatomical, physiological conditions.

Healthy Back

In this course you promote your back health. Various exercises lead to the compensation of imbalances, the deep muscles are strengthened and the spine is stabilized - back pain disappears, tension is released and posture is improved.


Is a fitness trend from the USA and is like a HIIT workout only a bit gentler. It is a new variation. In HILIT the feet always stay on the floor, typical exercises are Plank, Sumo Squats, Push-ups and Triceps Dips.


Hula hoop is a full-body workout that strengthens your core and leg muscles. First and foremost, however, the hula hoop strengthens your core, i.e. your abdomen, waist and back muscles.


With barbell training you train not only the whole body, but also your coordination (i.e. the interaction of your muscles).

Latino Solo

Dance without a dance partner, learn and dance step sequences from popular Latin American dances.

Morning Flow Yoga

This is the perfect flow for your morning routine. You'll gently stretch and strengthen your major muscle groups, leaving you feeling alert and ready for the day.


A gentle yet very effective workout consisting of strength-giving and flexibility-building exercises that primarily target the deep-lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups. This gentle method of muscle building is particularly suitable for strengthening the back muscles, which ensures correct and healthy posture.

Power Circle

Is a very effective way to organize his strength training or even fitness training. Here you complete different exercises at different stations in a predetermined sequence one after the other.

Power Yoga

Is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga with effective breath, body and consciousness work.

Rock 'n Roll

Is a whole body workout to groovy music. Fitness, strength, endurance, acrobatics and fun are trained.

Step Aerobics

Is a dynamic fitness training with rhythmic movements and motivating music. Endurance and coordination are trained.

STRONG nation

STRONG nation™ is a high-intensity workout that uses only the body's own weight. It alternates fast tempo intervals with muscle-building exercises. You'll be fueled by music that's specifically tailored to the exercises and will help you reach your goals.


Yoga brings about a harmonization of body, mind and soul. It leads to an awareness of the original unity and connectedness.

Yoga Shape & Balance

Is a varied workout that has its focus on the abdomen, legs and buttocks.


For Zumba® Fitness, you don't need any previous experience or a dance partner. The fitness program is composed of Latin American and international music and dance movements. Fast and slow step sequences are combined on the basis of aerobics, which boosts your fat burning, strengthens your cardiovascular system and trains your body balance.

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