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Training Objectives:

Muscle building

Strengthening strength endurance

Tightening the body

Targeted training of all muscles

All Star Force

Whether free weights, weight benches or joint-friendly weight machines - with top modern equipment from different fitness manufacturers we help you to an athletic body and a strengthened stature. The varied equipment composition ensures that you can train different muscle groups evenly and thus maintain the perfect balance. The training is suitable for beginners or as a complementary, effective training for advanced users.

For a balanced endurance training

All Star Cardio

Whether treadmill, cross trainer or bike - one thing is for sure - endurance training belongs in every training plan to strengthen the cardiovascular system and to supply body and brain with oxygen. With our selection of treadmills, cross trainers or rowing machines, you can boost fat burning and fat metabolism and thus melt away excess pounds.


Training Objectives:

Activation of fat burning

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Activation of the metabolism

Training Objectives:

Strengthening body awareness

Increase strength endurance and coordination

Building and stabilization of the muscles

Functional training for every muscle group

All Star Functional Tower

Everyday relevant and cross-sport training forms paired with complex movement sequences that stress several joints and muscle groups at the same time: we present our Functional Tower. Depending on the sport, goal and training level, functional training becomes a must for every trainee. Due to the versatility and individuality of the tower, every target group is addressed.

efficient and time-saving workout

All Star Power Plate

We provide "good vibrations". The efficiency of our Power Plates lies in the special vibrations that are conducted into the body via exercising on vibrating plates. Deep-lying muscles are thus stimulated. With little effort, the entire body or individual areas can be trained.

Training Objectives:

Increase coordination

Building and stabilization of the muscles

Strengthening body awareness

All Star Gym

Personal Training

Looking for motivation?

Our personal trainers will create your personal training program to get you to your athletic goals in an effective and timely manner.

Fat burning & weight reduction

Strength & Muscle Building

Endurance training

Back training

Nutritional analysis

Prevention & Rehabilitation